Peggy Profant ERYT 500, IAYT

Yoga Therapist, Instructor and Life Coach

Do you feel connected to your purpose?

What would be different if you stepped into the brightest expression of your being?

How would it feel to have heart centered communication with your loved ones?

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Peggy Profant Yoga Instructor California

My Journey

I first discovered yoga in 1979 at the tender age of 15. Nothing really made sense to my hormonally charged adolescent self, but yoga felt real.

I was trapped inside a self critical, limited thinking mind. When my life veered off into low self esteem, drugs and alcohol, yoga guided me to a path where happiness actually seemed attainable. WIth a deep thirst to learn more I dreamt of going to India. By the time I was 30, I found myself in that crazy and beautiful land and I adopted the Ashtanga Vinyasa system of BNS Iyengar into my daily practice. Later my body resonated more with Anusara yoga, it’s therapeutic alignment and it’s philosophical teachings of Kashmir Shaivism.”

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Private Yoga Therapy and Life Coaching

As a lifelong practitioner of yoga and a teacher of 23 years, I help people who do yoga bring the peace and well being they feel in their practice into their everyday life, relationships and work.

Teacher Training

Take the yoga to the next level and join me on a retreat or a yoga teacher training.

Online and
In-Person Yoga Classes

I deliver Twice weekly online and In Person Yoga sessions, sign up and take part!