About me

“I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my Soul.”

I  believe…

We are all perfect beings, even with our “imperfections”, and that there is a place inside us that has an eternal spark of absolute pure goodness, wisdom and joy.

I feel our job is to find that spark that we all share, let go of that which doesn’t resonate and align with our authenticity true calling. This enables you to serve without feeling depleted.

Life can be hard, excruciatingly so, and there is nothing that can protect us from the grief of loss or the heartbreak of betrayal.  The good news is there is a map within you. This map gives you access to an inner compass that leads you to walk you down a path where life is full of joy and beauty, poetic and playful.

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Peggy Profant Yoga Teacher, Instructor and Coach

My Yoga Journey

Yoga philosophy gives me a map that guided me to navigate through our myriad of circumstances, to recover, gain wisdom and compassion. This inner compass gave me the capacity to love more deeply, which is the greatest joy of being human!

My students discovered through the physical practice of yoga the body was prepared to be a vessel of wisdom. We access a deeper state of relaxation, a sense of presence and an enduring connection to our essential nature.

Our essential nature is full of love, joy and is deeply peaceful.

Yes, that’s you!Yoga and Meditation California Peggy Profant

The physical practice helps to affirm what the philosophy points to as truths of our being.

I first discovered yoga in 1979 at the tender age of 15. Nothing really made sense to my hormonally charged adoloscent self, but yoga felt real.

When my life veered off into low self esteem, drugs and alcohol, yoga guided me to a path where happiness actually seemed attainable. WIth a deep thirst to learn more I dreamt of going to India. By the time I was 30, I found myself in that crazy and beautiful land and I adopted the Ashtanga Vinyasa system of BNS Iyengar into my daily practice. Later my body resonated more with Anusara yoga, it’s therapeutic alignment and it’s philosophical teachings of Kashmir Shaivism.

IAYT Yoga Therapist

After teaching for almost 25 years, I decided to earn a certificate in Yoga Therapy in an 800 hour program with Sarahjoy Marsh, a teacher I have always loved and admired. I am now accredited with the International Association of Yoga Therapists. The approach I take with yoga therapy is to bring the healing aspects of yoga to all the layers of your being, your physical, emotional, energetic and mental so that you can access your innate wisdom and joy. I bring in the ancient philosophy of yoga combined with modern science and psychology to clarify a deeper and compassionate connection to self, purpose, joy and inner sovereignty.

Meditation Experience

My meditation path started in a college class and I realized it was starting to change my life by infusing an enduring state of presence and calm I hadn’t found before. I found Vippassana meditation in Thailand in 1994 which took my practice to another level. More recently I began to study with Paul Muller-Ortega and have been delighted with the practice of Neelakantha meditation, more aligned with the teachings of Kashmir Shaivism that I resonate with.

Yoga Studio Owner

California Yog Teacher West Coast CaliforniaI have loved teaching yoga since my first child was born in 1997. After a decade of teaching in a gym I joined a couple of instructors and opened up Om Shala Yoga in Arcata in 2008. Here we built a beautiful center for the teachings of yoga to support our community. I had a ten year adventure as a reluctant business woman and studio owner. Eventually I couldn’t ignore the desire to pursue other parts of myself, so I sold the studio, jumped into the void, not sure ofwhere I would land. I needed time and space to figure out what it was.

Life Coaching

Like physically aligning a yoga pose, finding my dharma (life purpose) has been a practice of attuning to that which feels right and following through with that wisdom. I became certified as a Life Coach which brings me great joy and a sense of purpose. I still love teaching yoga and coaching feels like a natural extension of that.

Trainings and Retreat LeaderYoga Retreats and Training California Peggy
I also love adventure and travel, so I lead therapeutic yoga teacher trainings and retreats internationally.

I’m happy to say, two years after leaving studio ownership I have created a life that I feel profoundly in alignment with. I offer yoga teacher trainings internationally in partnership with Soma Yoga Institute, a highly revered and acclaimed school of yoga.

I am here to help you step into your greatness and support you in living your life fully. If any of what I am offering speaks to you, please schedule a call!

C-IAYT Yoga Therapist

Certified Life Coach: Coach Training Alliance-Yoga2Life

Yoga Alliance ERYT500, YACEP

Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher in 2006

Founded World Family Yoga, retreats for families in 2006

Founded Om Shala Yoga in 2008