Introducing Online Yoga Membership

Online Yoga Membership

Are you missing your yoga practice since Covid?
With the challenges of the pandemic and the state of the world, we need yoga more now than ever.

I know staying at home can bring on a feeling of being stagnant. But it can also be very convenient and supportive to your practice! Free up energy in your body, get stronger and have more ease physically and mentally with online yoga classes.

Peggy Profant Online Yoga

How I can help

I have 25 years of yoga teaching experience and since the pandemic began I have been teaching yoga and yoga teacher trainings online.

While I miss the physical contact of in person classes, I have been pleasantly surprised to see how well the yoga experience can be created through Zoom. After 40 years of yoga practice, I am continuing to study yoga therapy and am passionate about learning more for my personal practice and to be of better service to you.

I want to support you, so I’ve made it easy with an affordable monthly membership.
You can join the online Zoom classes
and/or take a pre-recorded class at any time.

How does it work?

When you sign up as a member, you will receive the link that you can use each time. You will also have access to the pre-recorded library of yoga classes and pranayama/ meditation classes that you can take at your own convenience.

Payments will be automatically charged to your credit or debit card and you can cancel at any time.

What’s Included?

Live Classes

  • Yoga Class Tuesdays at 8:30 am to 9:30 am
  • Yoga Class Saturdays at 10 am to 11:30 am

Don’t worry if you miss any of these as they will be added to the library for you to access anytime!

Ever growing video library

Access to a growing library of over 75 uplifting yoga classes including 45 minute, 60 minute and 90 minute classes as well as 30 minute pranayama and meditation classes

50% off Yoga Immersion Classes

You will have 50% off my Yoga Immersion video classes and any future additions! These are great videos you can revisit at anytime. Includes videos such as Chakras, Ayurveda, Intro to Yoga, Yoga Alignment essentials.

25% off your first Private Yoga and/or coaching package

Benefit from my many years of experience both teaching Yoga and coaching, you can use this at anytime!

How do I join?

Click the button below to register and start your Yoga Journey!


Hear what people have to say about my Online Yoga Classes

‘I have taken yoga classes with Peggy for 30 years, even going to Costa Rica and Italy for yoga retreats with her. Since the covid virus shut down in person sessions, I have done 2 zoom sessions per week with Peggy for the last eight months. To rephrase a common saying to  practice what you preach, Peggy teaches what she practices and she is a very committed practitioner.’

Erica Upton

‘If there was a silver lining during the pandemic, it was learning the value that a daily yoga practice played in my life. I went from attending 5-6 classes a week, to figuring out the best way to continue yoga on my own. And while this self discovery was transformative, there was still something missing. And that was the community of yoga. Peggy has created a new community of yoga on her online platform where I get to connect with friends! Peggy has always had the ability to make yoga such a joyful and spiritual journey, and her online classes do not fall short.’

Robin Meiggs

‘Yoga with Peggy on-line has enabled me to remain positive during a challenging period. I enjoy connecting with community members and having a consistent time to attend classes. Peggy provides a playful and challenging practice with options for all levels. Her clear and concise sequences have enabled me to practice Yoga and feel connected to other students. I look forward to each class and value the freedom of practicing at home.’

Janet Pomerantz

‘Peggy is my all time favorite yoga teacher. Since I live many miles from her studio, and don’t get to regularly practice with her,  being able to join her class  on-line has certainly been a silver lining of the pandemic.  I’m so grateful to Peggy and this opportunity!’

Terri Gaines

‘My first class with Peggy was approximately 23 years ago. Fast forward 5 years and I was wanting to incorporate yoga into my regular activity. At this point I had done yoga with many of our local instructors. All of it was ok but I wasn’t captivated until I re-found Peggy! Her ways of sharing herself, of weaving her knowledge of yoga, life wisdom and spirituality into each yoga class keeps me coming back to my mat. There is a yogic path for everyone and Peggy is the light that leads my way!’

Dawn Bell