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Practicing social isolation?
Stay connected with our live Video Zoom Yoga Class! Get grounded, centered and tap into your vibrant healthy self.

Yoga calms the nervous system, helps you to shed stuck energy and opens you up to find a sense of peace, presence and vitality. Boost your Immune System and be a positive force for your loved ones! It’s time to take this time slow down, nourish your being, get down to what is essential. Social isolation can be an opportunity to retreat, connect more deeply within and come out on the other side a more powerful, present and loving human being.

Yoga Teacher Training Costa Rica
How to watch
Simply sign up below to watch the replay from the Online Yoga Class from the 25th of March. Once you register you will receive an email with the link to watch, if this does not arrive within 1 hour please check your junk/spam or contact me.

Do you offer more classes?
I am offering weekly Online Yoga Classes. Click below to register for the next upcoming Wednesday.