In Person and Online Yoga

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Ready to join a group class or practicing social distancing?
Stay connected with our hybrid, In Person and Zoom Yoga Class!

Get grounded, centered and tap into your vibrant healthy self.

We are now practicing together both on camera and in class, so you can choose to enjoy the comfort of home while being in community, or join us live in Blue Lake. Yoga calms the nervous system, helps you to shed stuck energy and opens you up to find a sense of peace, presence and vitality. Take the time to slow down, nourish your being and get down to what is essential. Connect more deeply within and come out on the other side a more powerful, present and loving human being.

Peggy Profant Online Yoga
How to prepare
Have a water bottle handy. Wear comfy clothes. For online, if you don’t have a yoga mat, clear out some space around you. Have a strap and something like blocks that can help you reach them instead of the floor. Sometimes we practice at the wall. Do what you can do, don’t do what you can’t do. It’s not about nailing the poses, but finding the opening and empowerment that each pose offers for your body. Let your breath guide you. Practice with compassion, loving kindness and a good sense of humor!

Ongoing Fridays 9 am at Om Shala

Ongoing Tuesdays at 8:30 am PDT, 9:30 am MDT, 10:30 am CDT, 11:30 m EDT, 4:30 pm Great Britain, 5:50 pm Western Europe

Ongoing Saturdays at 10 am PDT, 11 am MDT, 12 pm CDT, 1 pm EDT, 6 pm Great Britain, 7 pm Western Europe

Where? If you are coming live-My home studio! The Blue Lake Sanctuary, is 14599 West End Road, Arcata, CA (but really closer to Blue Lake). You will be greeted by my friendly labs, please come a few minutes early as we start on time.

Classes on Tuesdays are 75 minutes and Saturdays are 90 minutes

Upcoming Dates
Ongoing Tuesdays Yoga 8:30 am -9:45 am.
Ongoing Saturdays Yoga 10 am to 11:30 am

How do I pay? $10-$20 sliding scale, pay what makes you feel good! Cash is my preference if coming to live classes, otherwise payment is on the honor system. Just come back to this site for the PayPal link or Venmo me @Peggy-Profant. Membership does not include in person classes.

*If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please email me for a scholarship

How do I join?
Once you purchase you will receive an order confirmation email with downloadable instructions with how to participate. ( Please check your junk folder if you cannot find the email ). You can use this link for all the classes.