Transformational Chakras and the Subtle Body


Demystify the chakras and the energy body! A short lecture, a 2 and 1/2 hour full chakra journey asana class covering the 7 chakras and 7 individual shorter classes that focus in on each of the chakras

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Includes –
Demystifying the Subtle Body and the Chakras –
This lecture gives a basic overview of the Subtle Body which includes the Koshas, Vayus, Nadis and Chakras
Chakra Journey – Take a 2 and 1/2 hour journey through the 7 chakras- your path to transformation. Find grounding, enjoy your body, shift negativity, come into your heart, clear the path for expression, attain clarity of mind and ultimately connect to the big picture through asana, mantra, mudra, pranayama and visualization.
1st Chakra Class- Grounding for Freedom – Feel the support of the earth element, get grounded and feel safe with this supportive 1st chakra class.
2nd Chakra Class – Feeling Good! – Balance the 2nd Chakra, the element of water, embrace your emotions, feel good in the body and allow your creativity to flow!
3rd Chakra Class- Light Your Inner Fire – Activate and balance your 3rd Chakra, build confidence and transform stuck energy with this dynamic and energizing class
4th Chakra Class – Open Your Heart! – Come into your heart center with the practice of self love and cultivating a loving connection towards others. Pranayama, Mantra and Asana
5th Chakra Class – Express Yourself! – Open the throat chakra and express the truth of your heart. Dynamic class with neck and head alignment followed by spacious visualization for the Vishuddha Chakra.
6th Chakra-Trusting Intuition – A gentle class with restorative and yin yoga to calm the mind and allow the powers of intuition and clear vision arise.
7th Chakra-Align with the Divine – Short asana to get into headstand or a variation of headstand followed by a long Yoga Nidra to access the liberating current that connects you to your highest source.

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Full series 9 Videos $99.99, Demystifying The Subtle Body & Chakras Lecture $9.99, Chakra Journey $19.99, 1st Chakra Class $9.99, 2nd Chakra Class $9.99, 3rd Chakra Class $9.99, 4th Chakra Class $9.99, 5th Chakra Class $9.99, 6th Chakra Class $9.99, 7th Chakra Class $9.99

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