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Recent reviews

I recommend this 200 hour Online YTT with pride and confidence, each and every one of the instructors are fabulous and I thank all of them for sharing their knowledge and life journey with me. Surprisingly I really enjoyed the fact it was online as I could take things at my own pace in my own home. The Ayurveda and Charkas sections were a few of my favorites and my meditation has been absolutely wonderful with the tools you have all shown me I have found my comfort with the mantra work, it’s just leaves me zen and now my life will always have breath and metta in abundance. I even enjoyed the final written exam as it was pleasure writing it and discovering what I had learned about myself. I feel honoured to have been taught by Sam, Peggy, Liz and Molly.


This training has completely changed me. I am not the same person I was a year ago. I struggled with a lot of insecurities about my weight, my abilities, my worthiness of being a teacher. Studying the Yamas helped me immensely, especially Ahimsa and Asteya. I realized how much I harm myself with self judgment and envying others. I learned that these type of thoughts actually rob me of my happiness. I had been stealing my future, my dream from myself. I feel much more confident now that I know my strengths and what I have to offer and have let go of the desire to be anything but who I am. I treat myself with kindness, love, and compassion. And forgive myself when I don’t.  I really enjoyed the Zoom calls and breakout rooms. It was nice to meet other students and discuss all things yoga. I’m very thankful for my mentor, Sam. She really understood me and helped me feel seen and heard. I love that we have lifetime access as I really want to go back and retake many of the yoga classes. I appreciated learning the alignment slowly from the ground up and will definitely go through them again to refine my alignment more and more.


I would definitely recommend this training to anyone who wants to dive into YTT or just learn more about yoga. 10 out of 10!  I now have a better understanding of Yoga, especially its history and philosophy. In my Yoga practice I am more aware of my alignment and how it feels in my body. Away from “No Pain, No Gain!” mentality, I learnt the importance of honoring how my body feels in the present moment.  I also have been practicing meditation since I started the Meditation modules and it has been helping to improve self-awareness, being kind to myself and others around me.


I can highly recommend this course for anyone who would like to dive into YTT or even for someone who would like to learn more about Yoga. It was just luck that I found this course on Yoga Alliance registry. It just felt “right”. Intuitively I knew this course was “the one”. I just can’t thank my intuition for it enough!


I am so overjoyed I had the opportunity to study under such strong, intelligent and loving instructors. This program is a million times better than what I was planning to take locally. Covid came and I’m glad I decided to wait as it was a blessing to have this online 200 hour option. I am definitely a better person coming out of the program, than when I came in. It had such a positive effect on my way of thinking and acting. Studying the yoga sutras really made me think and want to change. My understanding of Yoga completely changed, as well. I loved learning yoga history, I just want to learn as much as I can. I didn’t really know much of the history before. My practice has completely blossomed, really learning proper alignment and posture was incredible for my practice. My relationships with my loved ones are more meaningful and Liz and Molly really helped give me so much confidence in my teaching.

Lisa Selby

This YTT exceeded my expectation and I am forever grateful! As part of yoga training, I am forever changed, on a personal and professional level.  I have found that I have become a better person all around, living every aspect of my life with more intention and conviction. All of the topics were excellent and magical in their own way.   I also appreciated how all the topics were interwoven with each other as part of the experience and that there was a course curriculum to follow to be sure I didn’t get ahead of myself.

Lisa Weiss

Soma Yoga Teachers Training far exceeded my expectations. My personal practice is significantly enriched by learning Sanskrit, various modifications that make the asanas work for me, and a solid commitment to practice daily. The 200-hour program was surprisingly comprehensive, well-written, easily accessible, and charmingly presented. Learning to teach yoga online, especially alignment cues, is thoroughly examined from every angle. Since it is all on video, you can stop and review segments as you need to grasp the intricacies of the poses. Studying at your own pace, in your own space makes it fit any lifestyle. Access to the course is a lifetime gift, so you can return to topics of interest as they arise in your practice— long after completion. Our teachers are knowledgeable and continue to deepen their own understanding through continuing educational studies. Being assigned a Mentor for the duration of the course is a real plus for students who need private tutoring, guidance and a reliable friend in the profession. Whether you intend to teach yoga or not, SYTT will definitely help you deepen your own practice, encourage consistency in your practice, and provide the knowledge to enjoy lifelong health and wellness through yoga.


The instruction I received from Soma Yoga Institute was professional, thorough and I would definitely recommend the program to everyone – from the less experienced to lifelong yogis. I researched several yoga schools before choosing Soma Yoga and after speaking with Liz, I knew immediately that I had made the right choice. The entire teaching staff are truly dedicated, supportive and excellent communicators. The modules are clear and flow together seamlessly – feedback is timely and constructive. The whole team is accessible and are there to support success in a confidence-building and loving manner. I had a wonderful mentor who provided encouragement and constructive advice and the group calls with fellow students really foster a sense of community. I could go on and on about what a life changing experience this has been for me – it has been a highlight in my life and I’m so grateful for everything I’ve learned from Liz, Molly, Samantha and my amazing mentor Peggy.


I did the Online 200 hour YTT with Soma in 2020. My experience with Soma Yoga Institute was BEYOND my expectation and I was absolutely mindblown by the amount of knowledge I received. My entire practice changed, to being so much more aware of alignment and in touch with my body and what feels good for me. The teachers were ALL incredible and you could tell their passion and everything they taught felt like it was coming from their hearts – such an inspiring journey! I also never felt that I was learning less due to taking the training online, we were constantly in touch via live calls and email, and the teams was always there to answer any questions. The material is so in depth and also you learn it over a period of 8 weeks (or longer) so I felt that there was more time to take it all in compared to a in person 21 day or 1 month course! If you are feeling drawn to the YTT with Soma, but are hesitant, I definitely recommend going for it from the bottom of my heart!! Much love, Jana


I absolutely loved that I was able to set my own pace. I loved the content and felt that we learned so much more than in a regular 200 Hr training and I also really appreciated that while we were all assigned one mentor, we had all 4 of you as a resource that we could contact at any time.


I have been practicing Yoga for years and always knew that it helped my mind and body, but was never able to really understand how. This training has helped me to understand what types of practices, poses, meditations and breathing techniques will help me depending on the situation. I am also able to understand my body so much better, its limitations, and how to support it. One thing that was a big takeaway was learning about my SI joint. For almost half of my life, I thought I suffered from sciatica. Learning about the SI joint helped me to realize that it’s probably the issue for my body more than sciatica and learning how to release it has been a game changer. I also have this new found confidence while standing up in front of people that I never had before. When I first started this program, I just wanted to deepen my practice and never thought that I would actually teach. Now I have the confidence and can’t wait to share with others.


I honestly loved everything. I like learning about anatomy because it helped me understand my body and others bodies better and why certain poses are just not accessible for some of us. I loved the sequencing section as it helped me actually piece together some of my own fun sequences. Learning about restorative and Yin Yoga were both huge for me as I never thought I’d be interested in either. Now that’s the 2 types of Yoga that I want to teach!


This program was amazing and I thank you so much! I was never able to attend an in-person training due to work and I was so happy to finally get to attend one. I feel like we learned SO much and am so thankful for all the detailed information that was put together for us. I think it’s amazing that we had FOUR mentors available to us at all times!

Yoga Teacher Training Costa Rica

200-Hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training in Cayote, Costa Rica

August 1 – 18, 2024
December 1 – 18, 2024
January 5 – 22, 2025

This teacher training offers students in-depth skills to explore Yoga as a vehicle for vibrant health, self transformation, and personal empowerment. Our curriculum includes a unique blend of alignment-based vinyasa flow, a solid foundation in Hatha Yoga and 200 hours of instruction offered within a therapeutic framework.

California Yog Teacher West Coast California

200-Hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training in Arcata, California

April 23rd – May 10th 2024

We are pleased to offer this 200 hour teacher training is set in beautiful Arcata/Blue Lake, California, near the majestic Redwoods.

During the program students will have time to enjoy majestic and ancient Redwood forests, wild and scenic rivers, dramatically gorgeous beaches and immerse into the local culture of Arcata. Trips will be planned to the nearby sites throughout the program so students may take in and experience the areas diverse natural beauty. Surfing, hiking, biking and rock climbing are just a few of the diverse activities which the local area offers.

Greece Yoga Teacher Training

200-Hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training in Paros, Greece

May 23rd – June 16th 2024

A tranquil island atmosphere with dazzling beaches, clear azure waters, delicious food and exceptional natural beauty, Okreblue Yoga Retreat offers the perfect space to immerse in reflective practices. Located on the magical Greek Island of Paros, this seaside eco-retreat center is in an area of exceptional natural beauty, overlooking the blue waters of the Aegean Sea with sand dunes, aged cedar forests, “secret” coves with sandy beaches and clear waters. The accommodation is just steps away from the water, with open-air indoor/outdoor yoga halls, and organic food that is grown right in the Okreblue’s gardens. this retreat creates the perfect space to reconnect with mind, body, spirit, and nature. Greece, itself, is the perfect destination for yoga teacher training, you will fall in love with its beautiful, calming and magical charm.

Greece Yoga Teacher Training

300-Hour Immersion Yoga Teacher Training in Greece

May 23rd – June 16th 2024

Are you a passionate teacher who is ready to deepen your knowledge base, build your confidence, teach with more authenticity, expand your skill set, and increase your efficacy in offering yoga as a vehicle for vibrant health and transformation?

This course is designed for you!

The program is open to 200 Hour Yoga teachers from all disciplines.

200-Hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training Peru

November 14 – December 2, 2024

Are you a passionate teacher who is ready to deepen your knowledge base, build your confidence, teach with more authenticity, expand your skill set, and increase your efficacy in offering yoga as a vehicle for vibrant health and transformation?

This course is designed for you!

The program is open to 200 Hour Yoga teachers from all disciplines.