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Peggy Profant Life Coach

Life Coaching
Many yoga practitioners have trouble integrating the ideals of this ancient practice into modern day living. Demands of the external world confront an inner yearning to live an authentic heart centered life that has purpose and meaning. This plays out in the work world as well as in our relationships.

Through a coaching process, I support you to unveil your wise, authentic self that wants to live life in alignment with the highest expression of your being. I can help you let go of self limiting beliefs, ignite inquiry, vision and step into your big “Yes!”. When you discover the path of alignment before you, it is very helpful to have support, to hold you accountable and remind you of your inner brilliance!

As a lifelong practitioner of yoga and a teacher of 25 years, I help people who do yoga bring the peace and well being they feel in their practice into their everyday life, relationships and work.

I can help you with the tools you need to stand in your light, take leadership in your community and receive financially from the hard work you put out in the world! I have been training yoga teachers since 2008, owned a yoga studio for 10 years and know the pitfalls and strategies for becoming successful in the world of healing arts.

Need a little relationship tune up? I have been married to my beloved since 1997 and enjoy a loving and passionate connection. It hasn’t always been that way. We have weathered many challenges and have found a model of communication that has helped us and others create harmony, peace and playfulness in their love relationships.

Whether it be to find peace with your past, personal empowerment, career path or creating more loving connections in your relationships, I would be honored to be of support for you on your life journey. If you would like to work with me, please make an appointment for a free 30 minute consultation or just sign up for sessions with me.

Private Yoga Therapy Sessions (Online or In-Person)

Some of the reasons you may choose to do private yoga therapy sessions with me:

  • You want to have a somatic experience of moving through issues that talk therapy isn’t relieving.
  • You want more harmony, joy and peace in your life
  • You’re having chronic pain and want relief.
  • You are new to the practice and want to feel comfortable with your alignment before going into a public class.
  • You have been practicing for awhile but would like to take the practice deeper.
  • You are experiencing some physical limitations and want a class catered to your needs
  • You want the convenience of a video call class over Zoom
  • You want a physical presence and you live locally.

I have been teaching yoga for over 25 years and have worked with all kinds of people. I love to geek out on alignment in yoga asana, get you out of discomfort or pain and allow you to feel like the body you live in is vibrant, strong and healthy. I have completed an 800 Yoga Therapy Certification which has trained me to address all levels of our being with Yoga. Our physical, energetic, emotional and mental patterns are often interconnected. Yoga Therapy addresses all levels of our human experience. Working one on one allows us to tailor a session specifically for your needs, allowing you to get the most out of your practice and your life. We can work in person if you live in the Arcata, California area, or we could connect with Zoom or Skype.

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Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Mentoring (Online or In-Person)

Curious about improving your Teaching and own business? Book a free consultation call with me to discuss my mentoring packages and getting take the next steps forward.

I look forward to helping you!

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“Peggy is a magical coach. In working with her, I have gained immense clarity and insight into the steps necessary to remove the obstacles I had created to my personal and professional growth. The proof is in the pudding; since working with her, my life is flowing in unimaginable ways. So much gratitude to this gifted woman!”

Maureen Chase

I’m so grateful to work and be inspired with Peggy. I’m so happy I cannot properly express it! I left my old job and now have a new job with better hours, better pay, a huge step forward. I needed the push but the best thing is…is that it found me! 

Jennifer Magdeleu

“If there is anything in your life that’s holding you back, I highly recommend working with Peggy! Peggy helped me pivot my attention to my own light which had been ignored to meet the needs of my partner. Through her deep wisdom and patience, and no other agenda but to help me feel alive again, I was able to reconnect with myself. I could not be more grateful. <3”

Caroline Arcuri

“Peggy came into my life in the most serendipitous of ways. She was the first coach I worked with, and I was so grateful for her affordable rates.

I worked with Peggy at a time when I was considering leaving my job and switching careers. The rational advice I was receiving from many people was to stay, but Peggy asked me a single question I return to often. She asked, “is there anywhere in the company where you would be happy?” My answer was no, and my next step was therefore clear. Anytime I am plagued with self-doubt about stepping off the conventional path, I return to that moment in our coaching session and find confidence in the decision I made.

In addition to that moment, what stands out most is her remarkable ability to help me visualize my next steps. I’ve watched in awe as more than one of our visualizations have unfolded with seemingly little effort of my own.

We spent one session visualizing “what next,” if not this full time job. Together we painted a picture of a place where I could live, study yoga, be in nature, be in community, and work in exchange for my residence and studies. A few months after leaving my job, that exact opportunity popped up in my inbox. I felt confident in moving across the globe and saying yes to this unknown 5 month adventure in large part because it was exactly the vision Peggy and I had defined.

I had my final session with Peggy as this adventure was coming to an end. Once again, I was asking “what next,” and we discussed the possibility that “the perfect part time job” would present itself. It didn’t happen immediately, but it showed up in due time. And once again, I recognized it as that part time job we had defined.

Peggy’s coaching has been tremendously helpful in providing gentle guidance and direction while I tread uncharted territory. I pass her name along any time someone mentions they’re looking for a coach. If her story and work resonate with you, I encourage you to work with her. It will inevitably add value to your life. “

Annie Arcuri

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.

Because what the world needs is people who have come alive”
Howard Thurman