Yoga Teacher Mentoring

“One of the beauties of teaching is that there is no limit to one’s growth as a teacher, just as there is no knowing beforehand how much your students can learn.

Herbert Kohl

Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training

Many people come out of their 200 hour trainings with a feeling of “now what?”. It can be hard getting started in the yoga business and without support your teacher training can down into the ranks of “just another awesome life experience”, which is great! But I believe the world needs you to step into your greatness and share this amazing experience of yoga with others! In my mentor sessions I can help you:

  • Get established as a yoga teacher in your community
  • Enhance your yoga teaching skills in areas of theming, alignment, sequencing and more…
  • Fill your classes with a regular clientele
  • Become a leader of workshops and retreats
  • Create a sustainable lifestyle that is in alignment with your values

As a lifelong practitioner of yoga and a teacher of 23 years, I help people who do yoga bring the peace and well being they feel in their practice into their everyday life, relationships and work. 

“Peggy’s alignment instructions brought ease and joy into my practice as well as a new sense of trust. Her way of being in the world has modeled compassionate presence, lightheartedness, attentive listening and careful speech. I have loved being her student and am sure her teachings will ripple through my life in wonderful ways.”


“I loved how Peggy held the space for us to be present, to be authentic, to experience peace and find our individual voice. I’m so grateful! I feel nurtured, challenged and loved during this training.”

Lauren Corcoran