Yoga Therapy with Peggy Profant

“Yoga therapy is the professional application of the principles and practices of yoga to promote health and well-being within a therapeutic relationship that includes personalized assessment, goal setting, lifestyle management, and yoga practices for individuals or small groups.”
International Association of Yoga Therapist.

Understanding Yoga Therapy

I use the lens of the Koshas to explain what I do. Koshas are layers of our being. We are all multi-faceted. The wisdom of the ancient yogis looks at our wholeness composed of 5 layers:

The Physical Body

Sometimes called the “meat body” or anamayakosha

The Energetic Layer

Where the life force is, chakras, nervous system, known as pranamayakosha

The Mental Layer

where we get caught up in problems or too busy, manomayakosha

The Wisdom Layer

Beyond the thinking mind into a deeper wisdom

The Blissful or Joyful Layer

Your essential nature, anandamayakosha

The physical, energetic and mental layers are all intertwined. If you are having problems in one area, chances are the other 2 areas will be impacted as well. This is why we don’t just address the mind, as in talk therapy, but also the other aspects of your being. I don’t view the pain in your neck simply as something to “fix”, but rather as a symptom of an imbalance.

I empower you to take charge of your wellbeing in a holistic way addressing the various layers of your being so that you can get back to your inherent state of wisdom and joy.

My promise to you

I am committed to creating a safe space for you. By building a healthy, compassionate container of your own presence, you can address issues of past traumas and adaptive behaviors. From this place you can create healthy new responses and patterns of behavior that reinforce your wellness.

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“Working one on one with Peggy was so nourishing for body, mind and spirit. Her calm, grounded and heart centred presence throughout the sessions allowed me to shift my energy and go deeper in my yoga practice. Drawing on her vast experience and knowledge she has so many tools to offer. I really appreciated her listening skills and tailoring each session to what was present for me. Peggy definitely offers something unique!

Sara Y

“I’ve benefited greatly from Yoga Therapy sessions with Peggy. She has a kind, empathetic presence and is an attentive listener.

Peggy’s own strong yoga practice gives her a deep reservoir to draw from in intuitively selecting breath practices, movement sequences, and art therapy activities that invariably help me connect more fully with myself. “


“I signed up for yoga therapy with Peggy to release some trauma and chronic pain. Peggy began each session by asking me insightful questions that helped me figure out where my energy was stuck.

Then she gently instructed me in yoga poses and movements, guided me in healing imagery, and helped me discover for myself the flow of movements needed to release tension. I have much gratitude for Peggy’s wisdom and skillful guidance!”


“Peggy is a trustworthy guide and mentor for the body mind journey we all travel. For many years I have relied on her for wise counsel through physical and emotional injuries that life has brought my way. I am so grateful to know her.”


“I found Peggy’s offer for private yoga sessions on an old email recipient list that I typically found myself too busy to open. It came to me at a pivotal moment in my life, while struggling to find help for a recent difficult medical diagnosis. I took a chance and reached out, and from the very first session I learned techniques that are still helping me navigate and manage my days.

My time with Peggy was invaluable. I am forever grateful that she was available and willing to help me during one of my greatest times of need.’

Sara H

“Peggy has been very gracious, understanding, and compassionate during our sessions. Her guided meditations and asana practice to alleviate my anxiety and depression have helped me a lot to cope. She listens intently and with an open heart, that makes you feel comforted, seen, and understood. She is generous with her high-quality service and her kind presence.

Our sessions have been enlightening and insightful. She offered me a guided pathway to return to my center, to a place of peace.”


Before I could access my inner wisdom and think clearly, I needed to be able to release the emotions that have been building up and were being stored in my body. Peggy began sessions with meditation and a skillful checking in. From there she would lead me in movements and breathing exercises that were customized to help me release what she intuited that I needed to release.

The movements and breath helped me not only to let go of stagnant emotion, but also helped me find the light and the spaciousness inside. One particular meditation has stayed with me ever since, and I draw on that imagery and sensation when I find myself falling back into old patterns. I greatly benefited from the yoga therapy and highly recommend it.

Peggy is a wise human who has been in the Yoga field for decades and has never stopped learning and growing. The safety I felt to go to scary places under her guidance, indicates to me that Peggy is deeply committed and skilled at what she does.”

Jenny Karmoil

Is Yoga Therapy for You?

  • Are you challenged physically in your body and having trouble maintaining an active practice due to those limitations?
  • Are you experiencing overwhelm, anxiety or stress?

  • Are you having sleep issues?

  • Do you feel a lack of purpose or motivation to make changes in your life?

  • Are you feeling stuck in emotions even though rationally you know things are fine?

  • Do you have trouble with your self esteem and self worth?

  • Are there old traumas that you have resolved in your mind but you are still negatively impacting you?

  • Do you want to feel more open hearted in your relationships and more loving towards yourself?

What your Yoga Therapy session might look like

After our initial check in, we assess what it is that would be most useful for you in the moment. If life has got you in a spin and your nervous system is needing to relax (down regulating), our session will be about that. Perhaps there is confusion about an issue and you are seeking clarity. Our session will revolve around finding the place inside of you that is all knowing. This might involve the physical body (anamayakosha) and using asana, which will bring in a somatic understanding and knowing. We will also address the energy body (pranamayakosha) to create stability in the nervous system with breathing exercises so you can calm the mind (manomayakosha) and access the wisdom (vijnanamayakosha) of your own inner stillness (anandamayakosha).

My desire is to help you find your natural state of wellbeing so that you can feel in flow with your vitality and your life. It is your birthright to enjoy the sweetness of presence, connect deeply with the people in your life and feel a fulfilling sense of creative purpose.

Please reach out, I would be honoured to work with you.